Live Not By Lies Conference

Live Not By Lies Conference

October 1, 2022

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A World Being Shaped to Receive the Antichrist 

Pastor David Marini

We see ample evidence of the forces of globalism affecting every aspect of life. The path to the Antichrist  is paved with lies. If told loud enough, long enough and with enough sanctions for not believing, these lies will be accepted by the greater population. But the church is set apart. If the church is to remain a sharp tool in the hand of God we must live not by lies. 



Being the Church 

Pastor Steve Abdo

Hostility for the true Gospel message and for those who preach it is growing in the world. At the same time other gospels are gaining traction. The “social gospel,” “prosperity gospel,” “kingdom now” teaching, and other heresies are creeping into the greater church. How can we, as believers, gird up the loins of our minds to be obedient, to be holy, though the world may hate us?  How can we share the simple, yet profound message of the Gospel in our every day lives, at work, in school, through  missions, in prisons, while dealing with open opposition and persecution? What does it look like to be the church in trying times?



That the Next Generation Might Know

Session A

Session B

Vince Vincent and Brittney McGann

Parents have unknowingly relinquished their biblical duty to direct the education of their children in the training and admonition of the Lord by turning over the responsibility to the state. Sunday school and evening devotions cannot compete with 14,000 hours spent in a classroom from kindergarten through high school. We will discuss how recent generations have been impacted by our current system and the effect it has had on the church’s ability to be the church. We will explore the educational options available and how parents can advocate for their children so that they will receive a quality education that is not hostile to the Word of God. It is time for Christian mothers and fathers to embrace the fullness of what it means to train up children. 



The Christian’s Position Regarding Government

Pastor David Marini

The Bible clearly tells us that we are citizens of heaven. We are pilgrims passing through. This world is not our home. Does this mean that the Christian should abstain from any involvement in the political processes in our country, which in many cases formulate and execute policies that are built upon the very lies that are undermining our society? How do we strike a balance between Romans 13:17 and the approach of Peter and John in Acts? As Christians, do we have a call to action that exists in the political environment of our nation?