Before You Visit...

Here's what to expect when you come to Calvary Chapel of Chapel Hill:

Dress comfortably - Most of the guys wear slacks or jeans, t-shirts, polo style shirts etc. Ladies wear jeans, slacks, shorts or skirts. 

Our praise and worship music is mostly contemporary music, although we do incorporate traditional hymns from time to time as well. 

Age appropriate classes for your kids. We have a nursery for infants to 24 months, and another class for 2-4 year olds.  We also have Sunday school classes for kids age 4-7 and 8-5th grade. Our youth group is made up of kids from grades 6 through 12. All kids ages 4 and up are in the sanctuary for worship, and then are excused to go to their classes.

Bring your Bible! We place great emphsis on teaching the Word of God, and our ministry method is to teach chapter by chapter, verses by verse, through an entire book of the Bible. You will want to take notes, whether in your Bible or in a separate notebook. 

Stay connected with what is going on. There are lots of ways to get connected with other people at Calvary Chapel. Be sure to pick up a bulletin when you arrive, as it contains the details of what is going on and what is coming up. Also, you can find any information you need on this web site. 

Stick around after the service. Following every Sunday service there is coffee and snacks in the Fellowship Hall (no charge). This is a great time to meet other families and individuals and share time together. There are prayer counsellors at the front of the sanctuary after every service to pray with you concerning any need, issue or person that God has placed on your heart.